Camp Claude.

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Lately I have discovered a lots of  interesting French bands. One of them took me by surprise with the next song – HERO.  C’était top !

Just for summer… Have the best sun daze you guys!






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The band name consist from the combined names of another two  bands: vocalist Mary Jane Dunphe is coming from CC Dust and some members from Trans FX.

The EP’s – named CCFX –  partially recalls late 90’s/early 00’s indie pop as chiming, melodic guitar parts counter and complement Mary Jane’s brilliant voice.

A brilliant retro gem pop from the early 90’s!!


A perfect way to end this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!!




Nilufer Yanya.

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The next artist is one to be watched next year.  Nilufer’s roots are from really different places: she’s the daughter of a mother who is half Irish, half Bajan and her father is from İstanbul. She spent her formative years supplementing the traditional turkish music and Mozart she heard at home. As a deep end –  this young woman is in the image of his music: without artifice, authentic, and direct. #girlpower



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I will deliver some statements related with the music industry: Friday I’m in Love! Happy Mondays! The Blue Mondays!!

The last one arrived today: Rain On Monday!!  Once listened the next song I started thinking to Martian snow in the night and diamonds rain. All this in hiding places.

Happy Christmas to all of you!!



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Last night I listened one of the best singles of 2017. The song made me to share again music on this blog and enjoy it with you.

So, we can take one threesome band from Manchester by his name W.H. Lung and then add some psych sound mixed with krautrock beats. The result can be pretty much amazing.

We don’t know much about them as this one is just the 2nd single from the Mancs but the future is right ahead us!!

Don’t forget to say that W. H. Lung write like the conscious citizen: locate yourself, reflect.


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So which New Wave is the New Wave? All and none. For me and  for my generation, I’d imagine that the term summons first to mind the synthpop of the 80s, since that’s the cultural stew we simmered in.  Nowadays the “old new wave” sound is somehow transformed and rearranged. The next song is an example.


Tegan and Sara

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The spring is on the corner and I just listened a future pop anthem from Tegan and Sara that really made me feel like a young spoiled king.  All this because from now on I have the spring in my heart. Sounds rubbish? I think so, but all that matters is the song and the way I feel…..


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