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So which New Wave is the New Wave? All and none. For me and  for my generation, I’d imagine that the term summons first to mind the synthpop of the 80s, since that’s the cultural stew we simmered in.  Nowadays the “old new wave” sound is somehow transformed and rearranged. The next song is an example.



Tegan and Sara

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The spring is on the corner and I just listened a future pop anthem from Tegan and Sara that really made me feel like a young spoiled king.  All this because from now on I have the spring in my heart. Sounds rubbish? I think so, but all that matters is the song and the way I feel…..



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Tha band will be back  after  long silence with a new album on March. I love the new song and can’t wait to listen their new record.



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Life is for the living / Death is for the dead / Let life be like music / And death a note unsaid.  Langston Hughes – The collected Poems.


The next song is like an entry from life to death and fits the theme as it has that horror movie feel. Then night, then, the monotonous beats, the dull bass and the depressed mood of the music of In Death It Ends. Behind the band name, by the way, lies the Briton Porl King, the former of the Goth band Rosetta Stone.




Benjamin Saint Clementine.

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He’s desperate to do more. He once claimed to have 500 songs, but that many had been lost whilst living the vagabond life in Paris. But, he knows he is for the moment locked in to the record company way of doing things…No words. Speechless.  Truly magnificent…


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

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Instead of saying some words about this Aussies I will insert the next link to see what “tools” they are using for their psychedelic rock sound – press on the tool word :)

Death and Vanilla

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First I was attracted by the name of the band – terrifying I should say, but at the end curiosity didn’t killed the cat. How should I describe the next song?  ‘The Optic Nerve‘ is an extraordinary indication of the legacy of the dream pop atmospheres, masterfully adapted to the psychedelic section. Without losing sight of that quiet point that characterizes the genre, the band is gradually incorporating new textures that make their song extremely enjoyable. Simply saying – lovely song.


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