One Song Per Day. Episode 43


Shibuya-kei  is a microgenre of  pop music or a general aesthetic that flourished in the mid to late 1990s. Emerging as Japanese retail music from the Shibuya district of Tokyo, artists purveyed a cut-and-paste style that was inspired by previous genres based on kitsch fusion, and artifice. Shibuya-kei inherited musical characteristics from earlier 1980s Japanese city-pop, while incorporating strong influences from 1960s culture and Western pop music.

Unlike other Japanese music scenes, Western audiences did not necessarily cross over into anime fandoms, but rather indie pop enthusiasts. This was partly because many of its bands were distributed in the United States through major indie pop like Matador and Grand Royal.Flipper’s Guitar, a duo led by Kenji Ozawa and Keygo Oyamada (Cornelius), formed the bedrock of the genre and influenced all of its groups, but the most prominent Shibuya-kei band was Pizzicato Five, who fused mainstreamJ -Pop with a mix of Jazz, Soul, and lounge influences. Shibuya-kei peaked in the late 1990s and declined after its principal players began moving into other music styles. All said by the Wikipedia!!

But if you ask me once I already had a few (+-) FAXE beer seems to be pretty fantastic!!! もしもし!

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    One Song Per Day. Episode 43 | Indiecircle's Plug

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